Welcome to Myotonic Goat Registry Youth Program. We are glad you share the same love of the Myotonic goats as we do.  If you have any questions please use our contact page. We have many programs and activities in place. If you would like a printable version of one of the pages just click on the title.

Basic Needs of the Goat

  1. Water – Fresh and Clean
  2. Hay – Dry and free of mold ( current year made up of broad leaf grasses is best)
  3. Minerals – Provide a brand made for goats (allow free choice).
  4. Shelter – To protect them from the wind, rain, sun, and severe cold.
  5. Grain – Provides energy for daily life activities.

Major Faults of the Goat

  1. Undershot or overshot bite (uneven mouth)
  2. Permanent blindness in both eyes.
  3. Bucks with extremely small testicles.
  4. Does with uneven sides to her udder when in milk
  5. Does that are more than 24 months of age & have not produced a full term pregnancy.
  6. Bucks that are more than 24 months of age & have not produced a live kid.
  7. Bucks with excessive split in the scrotum.
  8. Does with extremely large teats.
  9. Does or bucks having teat scurs or fish teats.
  10. Knees or hocks that show weakness when walking
  11. Pastern that are weak & do not support the weight of the goat
  12. Legs that are excessively turned inward or outward.

Items to Carry to the Show

  1. Feed Bucket
  2. Water Bucket
  3. Hay Racks or Bags
  4. Hay
  5. Grain
  6. Collars & Leads
  7. Brushes & Combs
  8. Hair Polish
  9. Towels
  10. Scissors
  11. Camera
  12. Clean outfit for the exhibitor

Preparing for the Show

  1. Begin teaching your goat to lead by placing a collar or halter on the goat and tie him/her to a solid wall with about six inches of rope. (Brush, Pet, and give treats during this tie up time)
  2. Be patient and slow the first few times you lead your goat in order for the goat to understand what you are asking him/her to do.
  3. Brush and lead your goat as often as possible. So your goat knows he/she is safe with you.
  4. Trim your goat’s feet any time that they have a half inch of excess growth.
  5. Make sure your goat has some kind of permanent identification that is easy to read. This can be a tattoo, scrapie tag, or Microchip.
  6. MGR Registration certificate with identification matching the goats.
  7. Each animal must have a health certificate issued by a Veterinarian before it will be allowed to enter any show.
  8. Give your goat a haircut. Trim around their feet and any long stray hairs.
  9. Wash, dry, and brush your goat. Giving them any finishing touches.
  10. On the day of the show please check over your goat to make sure they are in good condition and healthy before loading up to travel. Free from cough, runny nose, cuts, lumps, bumps, and open wounds. (Do not take a goat to a show with any health issues)


Preparing for showmanship:

1.) Work with him. Every day, go out and tug and have some grain in your hand to make him/her come to you.

2.) Brush him as needed to keep his/her coat neat.

3.) Prepare your goat the night before show make sure your goat isn't dirty, otherwise give him/her a bath.

4.) Ask your Parent or Gaurdian to help you trim your goats tail and feet and clip your goat.

During Showmanship:

5.) Go to the show. Now it's show time! Make sure that your own clothes are clean and tidy before you show, not just your goat! Wear long pants with a belt and a collared shirt.

6.)Listen for instructions. Once you get into the ring the judge will tell you what to do so listen to the following:

-Keep your eyes on the judge the whole time, and make sure your goat's leg are square.

-Let the judge touch your goat.

- Smile at all times.

-If the judge asks you a question, answer it respectfully and confident!

- Keep your goat between you and the judge at all times. Kind of like a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

- Never walk behind your goat, always walk in front of it.

-Do not feel bad if your goat doesn't lead, but do NOT pull him. Take your time.

- Do not stop showing your animal until the ribbons are handed out.

Common Questions your Judge asks you during Showmanship:

- What's your goats name?

- How old is your goat?

- What do you feed your goat?

- How do you help take care of your goat?

- Whats one thing you would change about your goat? (Senior Showmanship)

- Whats one thing you like about your goat?

- What is this body part on your goat? ( Junior & Senior Showmanship)

MGR  would like to remind all of the youth and parents that there is a scholarship program . In order to get the points for this you must fill out the form below and send to the office at:

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