MGR Youth Scholarship Winners

MGR Youth Yearly High


2014  MGR Youth Scholarship Winner- Jasmine Pittman 

2016  MGR Youth Scholarship Winners- Max Lawrence-Hope Taylor

2017  MGR Youth Scholarship Winners

High Point 2015
                        Age group 6-9                          
First place is Grace Lawrence 
Second Place is Breanna Baumeister 
Third place is Hannah Bailey 
Age group 10-14
First Place is Kaely Prather 
Second place is Jordan Judlin 
Thrid place is Hannah Bedwell 
Age group 15-18
First place is Kailyn Judlin 
Second place is Carly Morris 
We had a tie for third Hope Taylor and Maxwell Lawrence 

The overall high piont award will be going to Kaely Prather

High Point 2016

6-9 year old division 
1st Grace Lawrence 
2nd Nicholas Bango
3rd Hunter Bailey

10-14 year old division
1st Jordon Judlin 
2nd Hannah Bailey
3rd Taylor Cuddeback

15-18 year old division 
1st Kailyn Judlin
2nd Terra Weber
3rd Keegan Knepp

The over all high point winner of 2016 is Grace Lawrence

High Point 2017

Age group 6-9
1st Grace Lawrence 
2nd Nicholas Bango 
3rd Kinie Poore 

Age group 10-14
1st Cheyenne Van Echo
2nd Jocob Gray 
3rd Jason Gray 

Age group 15-18
1st Cullen Santino Le Roy 
2nd Courtney Teichert 
3rd Kelsey Doody 

The over all high point winner for 2017
Lysabeth Liknes